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Illegal Dumping Enforcement Workshop - March 24, 2004

Agenda PDF

7:00     Registration
8:00     Welcome/Statement of Problem- Riverside County Supervisor Ashley
8:15     Environmental Health- Damian Meins, Riverside County Environmental Health
           a. Public health and safety
           b. officer safety
8:30     Economic impacts from illegal dumping to local communities- Buford Crites
8:45     Legal overview of state and local laws- Stephanie Weissman, Riverside County Assistant District Attorney
9:45     Break
10:00   Case study/How to recognize illegal dumpers- BLM Ranger Curt Toovey
11:00   Assistance from Cal/EPA- Glenn Forman, Department of Toxic Substance Control
11:30   Integrated Waste Management Board Waste Tire Program- Steve Dolan, IWMB
12:00   Adjourn/Evaluation

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