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The California Deserts (Figure 1DMG Area of Interest) vast, seemingly harsh yet fragile lands within a day's drive of 40 million people. Approximately 80 percent of the desert, or 20 million acres, is publicly owned and includes two national parks, one national preserve, six military bases, 72 wilderness areas, 10 state parks, and the California Desert Conservation Area managed by the Bureau of Land Management. In addition, the area includes 8 county jurisdictions and 37 federally recognized Native American Indian tribes. Conflicting demands for use of California desert lands make it imperative for governmental agencies to work cooperatively in support of agency missions, protection of desert resources, and public use. The Desert Managers Group (DMG) was established as the forum for government agencies to address and discuss issues of common concern. Through cooperative management each agency achieves greater operational efficiency, enhances resource conservation, and more effectively serves the public.

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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is an operational plan that is updated and approved annually by the DMG. The Strategic Plan is intended to facilitate internal and external communication about the goals and activities of the DMG and serve as a tool to allow the DMG and its Work groups to track activities and projects.

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Annual Work Plan

The purpose of this document is to guide the collaborative work of the agencies participating in the DMG for the Federal 2012 fiscal yeari (FY2012). This annual work plan (AWP) implements the DMG's 2010 Strategic Plan will assist DMG agencies in their pursuit of DMG goals.

FY2012 Annual Work Plan

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