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CalTrans Safety Roadside Rest stop Interpretive Exhibit Design

CalTrans (the California state agency responsible for roads) is working to upgrade rest areas throughout the California Desert. Some facilities are being replaced, while others will see significant upgrades. They have invited the DMG and local government agencies to join them in updating the rest areas with new environmental interpretive displays.

The first phase of the project is to update the informational posters at existing rest stop areas throughout the California desert region. The following are the final poster products developed for phase one. These are half sized web-resolution versions of the final posters. They are between 500k and 1 meg JPEGs each.

Panel One: California Desert Region with Points of Interests
Panel Two: Things Going on in the Desert, a photo visualization
Panel Three: Desert Safety

The second phase of the project will completely replace the north and southbound Valley Wells Rest Area on Interstate 15. Planning is currently underway for this $5,300,000 project with completion expected in 2006. The interpretive component will design and install new exhibits and associated structures, creating a prototype for use in future CalTrans construction projects.

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