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CLAWG - Conservation Land Acquisition Work Group



Many DMG agencies are currently undertaking conservation land acquisition programs. While each program is unique, all share the common goals of protecting habitat for sensitive species and providing open space. To meet these goals, acquisition programs across the desert must be coordinated in order to be strategic and maximize limited program funding. For instance, a coordinated approach will eliminate incidents of multiple agencies targeting a single landowner and thus artificially inflating property values. In addition, coordination will allow agencies to maximize the benefits to sensitive species by identifying critical habitats and locales where various programs overlap. Cultural resources will also benefit from consideration through a coordinated approach.  


To provide the data and coordination necessary so that ongoing agency conservation acquisition programs maximize benefits to sensitive plant and wildlife species, wildlife corridors, habitats, cultural resources, and open spaces.


  • Share agency data related to acquisitions. Proprietary data will be shared only as needed with bona fide work group members.
  • Meet regularly to coordinate programs and acquisitions to ensure that multiple work group members are not seeking the same parcel(s) and that each acquisition maximizes benefits to each program to the extent possible
  • Develop consistent strategies for management of acquired lands and for securing funding for such management.
  • Coordinate monitoring of use of acquired lands, especially conservation easements and compensation lands.
  • Serve as a forum for DMG agencies to resolve issues related to conservation acquisition and the management of acquired lands.
  • Work with wildlife agencies to prioritize other recovery actions for threatened and endangered species that would complement land acquisition.
  • Educate work group members to better understand each agency's policies and regulations regarding acquisitions.
  • Explore ways to achieve conservation acquisition goals while not negatively affecting the counties through tax base erosion.
  • Report findings, provide updates, and develop recommendations for consideration by the DMG.
  • Develop and implement effective conservation measures Objective 5) Develop and implement an adaptive management plan for long term viability of the species

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