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DLRT - Desert Lands Restoration Work Group



The Desert Lands Restoration Task Force first met in January 1995. Members included biologists, restorationists, recreation planners, and military land managers from a variety of public and private organizations. Since its inception, the task force has hosted restoration symposia and workshops, published "A Beginner's Guide to Arid Lands Restoration," established a desert restoration web site, and created a cooperative network of arid lands experts throughout the desert. The task force exists to find common issues across boundaries and to determine ways to share information and resources, establish beneficial partnerships, and increase restoration efficiency. The task force provides land managers with much needed information on the status of disturbed arid lands, priority setting, restoration options, and staff training.


Promote restoration of desert lands through collaborative efforts in education, research, and practical application.


  • Brief the DMG on the working group's activities
  • Coordinate with other DMG interagency working groups as appropriate to carry out their missions
  • Develop annual work plan and budget for work group activities. Submission to DMG NLT July 1 for upcoming FY
  • Assist in developing annual work plans and associated budgets by reviewing proposals to implement DMG initiatives
  • As requested by the DMG, provide technical review of activities, projects, work plans, final reports and major products. Evaluate the effectiveness of these activities and report results to the DMG
  • Assist in developing, implementing, and evaluating outreach programs for DMG efforts.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and resolution of issues related to their miss
  • Annually review and recommend for approval to the DMG updates to the DMG five year goals

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