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HMT/AML - Hazardous Materials / AML


Hazardous Material1. PURPOSE and BACKGROUND:

The Desert Managers Group Hazardous Materials Working Group serves as technical advisors to the DMG on hazardous materials/hazardous waste issues. As a work group, they provide technical information, guidance, and innovative recommendations on hazardous materials and solid wastes in desert areas. Agency personnel may be shared between agencies to effectively utilize scarce resources, extensive experience, and wide breath of technical knowledge. The agency managers retain their current authorities to make decisions and establish policy relating to hazardous materials and solid waste management within their jurisdiction.


To provide scientific and technical expertise in the fields of hazardous materials and solid waste management needed to support the Desert Managers Group (DMG) in its coordinated and integrated ecosystem planning and management efforts consistent with the DMG's charter as a reinvention laboratory.

To collaborate and cooperate in the conservation and restoration of desert resources (including biological resources, environmental quality, surface water, ground water, soils, and air quality) and the safety of desert users.

To develop cost effective and creative coordinated public outreach programs to encourage the awareness, appreciation, and conservation of desert resources.

To develop creative and innovative approaches for making effective and efficient use of public funds and agency resources, crossing agency or department boundaries when necessary.

To coordinate with representatives from the regulatory and enforcement community concerning hazardous materials and solid waste issues.

To provide technical field support for initiative work associated with hazardous materials and solid waste cleanup/removal activities, and assist with resolution of common environmental problems such as the identification, remediation, restoration and prevention of illegal dumping activities and environmental crime sites.


  • Brief the DMG on the working group's activities
  • Coordinate with other DMG interagency working groups as appropriate to carry out their missions
  • Develop annual work plan and budget for work group activities. Submission to DMG NLT July 1 for upcoming FY
  • Assist in developing annual work plans and associated budgets by reviewing proposals to implement DMG initiatives
  • As requested by the DMG, provide technical review of activities, projects, work plans, final reports and major products.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of these activities and report results to the DMG
  • Assist in developing, implementing, and evaluating outreach programs for DMG efforts.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and resolution of issues related to their mission
  • Annually review and recommend for approval to the DMG updates to the DMG five year goals
  • Provide and sponsor technical training opportunities for participating agencies

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